Going to a new place can be a little intimidating and somewhat overwhelming. At First Pentecostal Church of Livingston, we do our very best to make everyone feel welcomed and at ease.

When you walk in the door, you will be greeted by a friendly staff member and a first time gift (for you and each person with you) as a thank you for choosing to spend your valuable time with us.

There is a guest card we would like you to fill out letting us know a little more about you and how we can best serve you.

**Sunday morning, from 9:00 – 9:45am our Hebrews Coffee Shop is up and running to help you stay powered up through service. Whether you need a quick bite to eat or something to wet your whistle, we’ve got something for everyone. All proceeds go towards our Children’s Ministry.

**Sunday morning, at 10:00am, we meet in the sanctuary to start service with praise and worship. At an appointed time, Pastor will dismiss the children to go to class. We have Sunday School classes for each age group. Nursery (newborn to 2 years old), Toddler class (ages 3 to 6), Lower Elementary (ages 7 to 9), Upper Elementary/Jr High (10-13), and High School (14-18). After service dismisses, children will remain in their classes until a parent or guardian comes to get them. The High School class will be dismissed as usual.

**Wednesday nights, at 7:00pm, service begins. The children will go directly into their classes. We have the Nursery (newborn to 2 years old) and the Toddler class (ages 3 to 6) in certain classrooms. All other children ages 7 to 13, meet in the fellowship hall in the back for pizza before being split into their different classes. All boys, ages 7-14, will then meet together in one room and the girls will be split into 2 groups, ages 7 to 9 and 10 to 14. The children will remain in their classes until a parent or guardian comes to get them.

When you are ready to dive in, check our Events page and see the many activities we have going on.