With the abundance that God has provided First Pentecostal Church of Livingston, we have many different ministries at work within the church. Some ministries are newer, but each are fulfilling a need within the church and our community.

We have the Bus Ministry in case you need a ride to and from every service.

We have events for our young people: Children (3-12) and Youth (12-18).

For those that are no longer a child but not married yet, we have the Hyphen group which is geared for College and Career (18-30).

A very new ministry, we have individuals that are certified in working with Special Needs, called A.B.L.E.

Tú hablas español? Tenemos un intérprete.

We have many other ministries that you can get involved in as well: Outreach from handing out jambalaya plates to prayer lines, Prison Ministry, Card Ministry (writes cards for birthdays & anniversaries), Care Team visits nursing homes, Maintenance Team works on fixes issues around campus, Media Team works at making sure the services are live-streamed, and of course there’s always something going on between the Men’s Ministry and the Ladies Ministry.